The big plan

Thinking and discussing supporting local businesses and working toward local sustainability, we started talking about whether it would be possible to only shop from local small businesses and locally owned or managed small chains and stop all of our national/global chain store shopping for household goods and food. We don’t sew (well), so we’re not yet including clothing shopping in this list.

The idea of eating locally is easy enough for meals out. Sheffield has tons of amazing local eateries. La Vaca, Rama’s Bridge, Jafflong, Thai Thai Ka, Upshot Espresso, Tamper, and the Rutland Arms are some of our favorite haunts (just off the top of my head).

So we’re in the planning stages of attempting to go local for a year. We’re thinking over what our rules for shopping will be, and how we’re going to police ourselves. How far outside of town still counts as local? South Yorkshire?

We really may need to come up with some exceptions, as our allergies and food sensitivities and food practices (mostly grain-free, nutrient-dense, paleo-lite, whole foods eating) mean we have some strange requests to fulfill. For instance, Kay does better on goat’s milk and coconut milk than cow’s milk. We supplement with strange things like unmodified potato starch, fermented vegetables, sardines, and bone broth. A lot of our vitamin supplements we’ve only been able to find online. Kay is sensitive to a lot types of perfume and cleaners, and we’ve used a lot of trial and error to find products that aren’t allergy triggering AND actually work well. So we use stuff like Morocco Method shampoo, Lush soaps, Ecover, and Method.

Neither one of us is originally from Sheffield (Kay is American even) so maybe we’ve not discovered all the resources available to us locally yet. We’re lucky to have moved to Crookes 18 months ago, and there are so many great local shops here: Ron’s Butchers, Just Natural, Urban Pantry, Priceless, tons of charity shops, etc. This makes the whole idea of going local feel much easier to us, but we realise it might be a lot harder in other areas of the city or parts of the country.

We don’t know if this will make for exciting blogging, but hopefully you’ll find it interesting and we’ll be getting to know our local shops better and discovering what is in the realm of possible for us in terms of local sourcing.


Shopping locally in Sheffield